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There Is A No Size-Fits All Platform, That’s Why While Fat is Here.

There are plenty of FAQs for activites and experiences around the world but they often leave out the questions that a plus-size or fat person needs an answer for beyond the weight limit. When we couldn’t find the answers on or offline, we decided to fix that.

While Fat will be the final destination for all fat and plus-sized travelers. This is a platform for you, by you. No longer will you have to spend hours trying to find out the answers that you have While Fat.  Your reviews will help answer those questions often overlooked by businesses and help make your travels a little bit easier, no matter your size.

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Featured Listings

Featured Listings

Who is While Fat for?

While Fat is for the person who has questions, questions like:

Will I need to buy two seats?, Will the harness fit?, Is the booth moveable?, What is the pace of the hike?

These are often the questions left unanswered, While Fat is here to change that and help you plan your next adventure with confidence.

Are you a fat-friendly business?

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